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From San Diego California comes the Search Engine developed exclusively for San Diego. There are many seach engines and
dierctories out there today some very confusing others give you results that are not relevant to you, the San Diegan.

Finally a search engine with just about every business know in San Diego brought to you infront of your screen. We are working hard
night and day to bring you an online directory that is FAIR, relevant and knows plenty about the city where you're from. How? Because
the developers of My SD Web are from the very same place where you're at right now... San Diego!
About Us
MySDWeb has one of the largest database at 1.3 billion pages and is very adept at returning relevant results. uses
mathematical formulas to rank a web page based on the number of "important" pages that link to it. The philosophy is that
high-quality websites point to other high-quality websites. When a search is conducted, MySDWeb determines the websites that
meet the search criteria and then lists the most popular sites among high-quality resources at the top of the list.

MySDWeb supports OR (in all caps), but does not support full Boolean AND NOT. However, it does allow the implied Boolean minus
sign (-). When multiple keywords are entered, all keywords are treated as "AND" queries. Because MySDWeb automatically returns
pages that include all keywords, the plus sign (+) and the operator AND are not necessary. Also, quotation marks for phrase
searching are not required as Google returns pages with keywords in close proximity.

MySDWeb supports link searching and title, domain, and host searching through its Advanced Search page. It provides domain
searching on .gov and .mil sites with a special "Uncle Sam" database. Using the Image Search database, News Search database,
or Discussion Group Search database, visitors can search for pictures/graphics, news articles, and newsgroup postings. Finally,
unlike other search engines, MySDWeb offers a cached copy of each result. The cached copy can be especially helpful if the site's
server is down or the web page is no longer available.